My apology to the readers of this blog

A few days ago I published a rather long blog post here with the title “Ten things you need to be aware of, as you grow older“.

It was meant to be helpful, a sort of review of some of the important things I got wrong in my own life, so others could avoid making the same mistakes as me. But, as Eliot pointed out in his normal, honest, and gracious manner, “It reads like a ChatGPT conversation”. Which, of course, it had good reason to. It was, after all, maybe 80% a ChatGPT outline.

That post was an aberration and I knew it wasn’t right, even as I was writing it. So, I have unpublished it today because, until then, about the only thing I could claim about this blog is that its written by me, authentic, and there’s nothing between me and the reader. I don’t want to lose that.

So, thank you Eliot, over the years you have brought so much happiness into my life, and wisdom too. Whatever its about, I will do better on the next blog post, thanks to you.

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